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Being nervous and anxious before a talk

It happens all the time I have to deliver a talk. Some days before my anxiety-meter level goes out of scale.

Untold: nobody will make a cinema story over this blog and I'm fine

Julie Powell is an American writer who creates a blog back in 2002. She wrote about an American woman lived in Paris in 1949-or-something that innovates American cooking scenario writing...

Happy birthday armoredcode and 4 rails advisories

It was a year ago when I started the project.

Creating awereness on an hostile environment

With a colleague we were wondering about how much difficult is to create an application security awareness climate in big corporate development team. Please bear in mind that since I’m...

Ruby on Rails cheatsheet: the review

Jim Manico is a friend and a rinomated security professional. He announced in Owasp mailing list that a Ruby on Rails cheatsheet is available.

Exploiting SSH weak passwords the ruby way

Even before starting writing complex input filters to manage your users’ input, you must care about the password you use on your servers. If they are poor, no application security...