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Railsberry chronicles: day 0 - the trip

I’m too tired, even for rest.

I don't care if app is unsecure, it's friday I'm in love

A month ago I opened a “one question only” survey on surveytmonkey.

Being nervous and anxious before a talk

It happens all the time I have to deliver a talk. Some days before my anxiety-meter level goes out of scale.

Untold: nobody will make a cinema story over this blog and I'm fine

Julie Powell is an American writer who creates a blog back in 2002. She wrote about an American woman lived in Paris in 1949-or-something that innovates American cooking scenario writing...

Happy birthday armoredcode and 4 rails advisories

It was a year ago when I started the project.

Creating awereness on an hostile environment

With a colleague we were wondering about how much difficult is to create an application security awareness climate in big corporate development team. Please bear in mind that since I’m...