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CFP open for next Owasp Italy Day 2012

Next 23rdNovember in the beautiful location of Università la Sapienza in Rome it will be held the 6thOwasp Day.

The first and last post about

Today I launched a first minimal website for The website is very minimal and just a subcribe to beta program web form it is present on the homepage.

When you realize you're doing threat modeling

Yesterday I was in a meeting for an appsec activity about a legacy PHP web application. In front of my a couple of experienced developers with an in-deep knowledge of...

Between pentesting and entrepreneurship

Yesterday I was driving back home on my scooter. It’s a 40 minutes long trip and while surfing back and forth across crazy cars not respecting speed limits I have...

They are tracking at you - pt.1

Cookies are often used from companies to store informations client side to track people on their web sites.

Enabling related post on octopress and Mac OS X

Octopress is a powerful framework built over Jekyll to create static websites. I used Octopress too for All posts are written with vim using markdown with some javascript to...