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Anti aliasing in ruby attribute assignment and a TDD session

Since a week far away I’m on vacation at Guardavalle Marina, in the very Southern of Italy. Here I’m relaxing trying to fixing up some tool I use as application...

5 excuses you won't tell your self for not practicing TDD

IT world do is a complex world. There are a lot of different people having their own vision of the world, each of them with their own respectable opinion about...

Build an API for fun with Grape

I always dreamt about an API powered website for armoredcode community. I do think that every website should publish some sort of API to use services.

Penetration testing with ruby: fingerprinting your target

My wife for my birthday last June she bought to me a Kindle touch.

Fingerprinting CMSes under the moonlight

Yesterday I was surfing the web for inspiration for redesign layout and I was digging in some webdesign template websites.

Which is the most secure programming language ever?

Sometimes I was asked about which is the most secure programming language to use in real web applications.