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How to calculate your network address in CIDR notation

Sometime I need to quick nmap the network just right cable plug. Since I’m lazy I created a simple bash script to calculate the network address in CIDR notation, starting...

The shellerate project: yet another framework for shellcode generation

Last summer, as I told on Codice Insicuro, my Italian blog about cybersecurity and related, I took the x86 Assembly Language and Shellcoding on Linux course and related certification.

A Cracking the Perimeter journey: 1 - My Own lab

During those days I’m spending in the mountains with my family, I’m studying module 3 and 4 about backdooring executable with custom payloads and avoiding anti-viruses based on signature detection....

A Cracking the Perimeter journey: 0 - the beginning

In 2018 I refreshed my offensive security skills, attending the “Penetration test with Kali” course with the OSCP certification.

Hello world... again

It was 2014 when I wrote the latest post on It was about Ruby patching Wednesday and tons of stuff changed in my life.

Rails patching Wednesday

Past weeks were busy for Ruby on Rails core team and appsec people looking at the framework’s security. Yesterday, core rails member Aaron Patterson announced three Ruby on Rails security...