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Tales from a login page: intro

During 2013 a lot of websites were defaced. Attackers mostly use SQL injection vulnerable pages to steal data, execute arbitrary commands or make some nasty things common people can’t understand...

Create a quick and dirty web crawler with ruby

A couple of days ago, I was starting a new security activity over a website I never saw before. If you remember a last year post, the first task is...

How to quote a code review

A premise: I don’t trust gantt and fancy IT project managers’ document where every project step fits in a perfect order without dealing with the unpredictable.

When the vulnerability is not the vulnerability itself

In an ideal world, all projects has good management. Projects needs strong decisions and a clear plan that make people able to build something; this is true for a bridge,...

Create a bot engine in Ruby: the botolo project

There are a lot of tutorials for creating bots on several programming languages and for a lot of web applications.

The Owasp European Tour 2013 hits Italy: 27-28 June 2013

Owasp started an awareness tour this Summer in the most important cities across Europe.