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Railsberry Chronicles: Day 2 - the English Penetration Test (Eventually the Day I Talk to 450+ Oustanding Developers)


Finally the day I gave the talk is arrived and it’s gone. Going on stage in front a more than 450 talented developers was an astonishing experience. It drove me crazy. My spoken English has limits on its own, but it in front of such crowd I seemed to be a scared 4 years old child.

However, talk was good afterall. Everything went well. Nothing broke during exposure, none of the people were harmed during the talk, no customer ewb applications were broken Internet is still working ( I guess ).

I Don’t Care if App Is Unsecure, It’s Friday I’m in Love

A month ago I opened a “one question only” survey on surveytmonkey.

I asked “Why you don’t make any web application penetration test when I deploy a new web application (or a new feature)?”

I collected 41 answers after advertise the poll on linkedin, facebook and on twitter.

I asked also the Italian Ruby mailinglist that is full of great ruby specialist, startuppers and makers.

Let’s analyse the results