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We need a standard that eventually we won't follow

Tomorrow I’ll deliver a talk @SMAU, an Italian ICT… I don’t know how to describe it… may be expo can be good. It’s not a technical conference, well in Italy...

Create random keys in Ruby using SecureRandom

Yesterday a friend of mine asked about truly random number generation in Java and which are my thoughts about Random and SecureRandom classes. Of course I told him to use...

Fingerprint phpbb forum platform

phpbb is a popular forum platform written in php. In the past it suffered from tons of tons of security issues.

Solid as diamond talk in Fiera della tecnolgia ICT fair

Today I delivered the “Solid as Diamond: use ruby in a web application penetration test” talk in the Fiera della tecnologia ICT fair in Milan, Italy.

Now I'm on blogloving

Even security and technical blogs needs some advertise in order to get more traction. That’s why now you can follow my blog with Bloglovin