Updates from the Ruby security world: 6 new vulnerabilities as X'mas gift

Wow, last week it was very busy in the ruby security annonuncement discussion group. A bunch of six new vulnerabilities were announced and, most of them, are cross site scripting issues. This is bad for a problem floating around those places since more than a decade.

XSS on Simple Form

Rafael Mendonça França announced that Simple Form gem introduces a cross site scripting vulnerability in its \1.1.1 version and beyond. Fixed releases are 3.0.1 and 2.1.1.

The vulnerability appears “when Simple Form creates a label, hint or error message it marks the text as being HTML safe, even though it may contain HTML tags. In applications where the text of these helpers can be provided by the users, malicious values can be provided and Simple Form will mark it as safe.”

Rafael suggested also a quick-and-dirty workaround in case you can upgrade Simple Form in your project. Escape input coming from the users:

  f.input :name, label: html_escape(params[:label])

You can read the original post here

It seems there’s no CVE identifier associated to this issue, I will track on codesake-dawn scanner as Simple Form XSS - 20131129.

CVE-2013-4491 Reflected XSS Vulnerability in Ruby on Rails (via the i18n ruby gem that takes CVE-2013-4492)

Tenderlove announced on December 3rd a reflected cross site scripting vulnerability affecting Rails but with a root cause in the i18n internationalization gem. From the announcement: “When the i18n gem is unable to provide a translation for a given string, it creates a fallback HTML string. Under certain common configurations this string can contain user input which would allow an attacker to execute a reflective XSS attack.”.

This is huge and it affects of course all MVC ruby frameworks using that gem. I guess that rails deserves a standalone CVE since the dependency tree can’t be changed in some circumstances.

You can read the original post here

CVE-2013-6415 - XSS Vulnerability in number_to_currency

Same day, same forun, same kind of issue. A cross site scripting to the number_to_currency helper. One of its parameter is not correctly escaped so application which pass user controlled data as the unit parameter are vulnerable to an XSS attack.

There is of course a workaround, using explicit escaping on the :unit parameter:

<%= number_to_currency(1.02, unit: h(params[:currency])) %>

You can read the original post here

CVE-2013-6414 - Denial of Service Vulnerability in Action View

There is a denial of service vulnerability in the header handling component of Action View. Strings sent in specially crafted headers will be cached indefinitely. This can cause the cache to grow infinitely, which will eventually consume all memory on the target machine, causing a denial of service.

As you can read on the original post, there is a monkey patch you can apply if you can’t upgrade rails.

ActiveSupport.on_load(:action_view) do
  ActionView::LookupContext::DetailsKey.class_eval do
    class << self
      alias :old_get :get

      def get(details)
        if details[:formats]
          details = details.dup
          syms    = Set.new Mime::SET.symbols
          details[:formats] = details[:formats].select { |v|
            syms.include? v
        old_get details

You can read the original post here

CVE-2013-6416 - XSS Vulnerability in simple_format helper

Ruby on Rails simple_format helper that converts user supplied text into html text which is intended to be safe for display. A change made to the implementation of this helper means that any user provided HTML attributes will not be escaped correctly. As a result of this error, applications which pass user-controlled data to be included as html attributes will be vulnerable to an XSS attack.

A workaround is in place, but for the nature of the helper itself I personally suggest to upgrade rails framework. It affects only 4.0.x framework version.

simple_format(some_text, class: h(params[:class]))

You can read the original post here

CVE-2013-6417 - Incomplete fix to CVE-2013-0155 (Unsafe Query Generation Risk)

In January there was a big issue affecting Rails and SQL injection. For sure github.com remind the massive assign vulnerability that leads to sql injection allowing people to change data in backend databases.

The usage of third party libraries can lead the vulnerability remediation to be circumvented.

You can read the original post here

Off by one

As you may see, since Rails is gaining popularity vulnerabilities came in. After all there is no 100% secure software here on Earth.

I’m working today and tomorrow to include those 6 security checks in codesake-dawn and release a version 0.80.

For doing this I had to postpone some custom XSS check against specific padrino and sinatra application views, givin priority to the work done including CVE framework related vulnerabilities.

Any question about the scanner you can make a tweet using #dawnscanner hashtag.

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