Rails patching Wednesday

Past weeks were busy for Ruby on Rails core team and appsec people looking at the framework’s security. Yesterday, core rails member Aaron Patterson announced three Ruby on Rails security issues affecting latest versions and obviously all the web applications out there built on affected issues.

CVE-2014-0080: Data Injection Vulnerability in Active Record

Looking at the vulnerability announcement, it seems a SQL Injection is possible when RoR relies on PostgreSQL as backend database. Specially crafted strings can be used to save data in PostgreSQL array columns that may not be intended. Exploiting this vulnerability doesn’t allow the attacker to delete data or execute arbitrary SQL statements, however due to its nature, it allows the attacker to add arbitrary data. This can have impact on the application behaviour.

Affected release are 4.0.x and 4.1.0.beta1. It seems no previous version is affected by this one.

If you can’t upgrade, you can use the monkey patch provided by @tenderlove

module ActiveRecord
  module ConnectionAdapters
    class PostgreSQLColumn
      module Cast
        alias :old_quote_and_escape :quote_and_escape

        ARRAY_ESCAPE = "\\" * 2 * 2 # escape the backslash twice for PG arrays
        def quote_and_escape(value)
          case value
          when "NULL", Numeric
            value = value.gsub(/\\/, ARRAY_ESCAPE)

CVE-2014-0081: XSS Vulnerability in number_to_currency, number_to_percentage and number_to_human

This is the second time a Cross Site Scripting vulnerability is spotted in formatting helpers for numbers. Some of the parameters to the helper (format, negative_format and units) are not escaped correctly. Application which pass user controlled data as one of these parameters are vulnerable to an XSS attack.

As a workaround, but please note that upgrading rails gem is strongly recommended, you can use the h sanitizing helper to filter it out user controlled strings.

<%= number_to_currency(1.02, format: h(params[:format])) %>

For my personal taste, making defensive programming and filtering user controlled inputs is always the way to do.

CVE-2014-0082: Denial of Service Vulnerability in Action View when using render :text

There is a denial of service vulnerability in the text rendering component of Action View. Strings sent in specially crafted headers will be converted to symbols. This can cause a denial of service since symbols are not removed by the garbage collector.

There is no workaround here, upgrade it

Upgrade upgrade upgrade

In order for you to fix all the aforementioned vulnerabilities you have to upgrade rails gem to versions 4.1.0.beta2, 4.0.3 and 3.2.17. For people stuck at version 3.1.x and 3.0.x there is no solution to CVE-2014-0081 and CVE-2014-0082. Also if CVE-2014-0080 doesn’t affect rails version previous than 4.0.0 it is not enough for a programmer to say “I’ll stay on my 3.1.2 because it’s comfortable”. Please go ahead with a migration plan.

Off by one

Brakeman already have check for CVE-2014-0080 in its github repository and Codesake::Dawn will include all those three security checks in upcoming version 1.1.0.

Please don’t stuck on older framework versions just for sake of being stable. This is a nonsense (like of course the opposite behaviour). Stay upgraded and when your framework version tree is marked as deprecated, please move on or you’re exposing your customers (and your business too) to security risks.

Enjoy it!

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