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H4F - invisible proxy... casper gem

Ruby is a great language for hackers and security researchers too. Of course you can build amazing web applications using Rails or Sinatra or even Padrino frameworks. You can also...

Understand your risk: disclosing information

Few things are dangerous like giving attacker detailed information about how your application works and how it can be subverted.

Papa don't breach

Latest days, while recovering from Eastern’s BBQ galores, I was hanging around my tweeter feeds and the most occurrent topic was… security breaches.

H4F - use robots.txt as a weapon with links rubygem

Did you ever think about how much information did you disclose when you publish a website? In order to control how the site will appear in search results, webmasters create...

H4F - palco: your Sinatra skeleton builder

Sinatra is a powerful and easy to use ruby based DSL to create web applications and powerful APIs.

Understanding your attack exposure

You see an HTML form, I see your database