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Let the sake for code to flow

UPDATE For a mistake this post appeared today on without the text. Reason is that I created a placeholder to remember me to work on this.

How to generate bruteforce friendly strings

It finally happened. You discovered that your favourite online store website has a REST API to suggest usernames. It’s a common pattern to allow the user registration form to suggest...

Blogging with title

I am a BIG title

We need a standard that eventually we won't follow

Tomorrow I’ll deliver a talk @SMAU, an Italian ICT… I don’t know how to describe it… may be expo can be good. It’s not a technical conference, well in Italy...

Create random keys in Ruby using SecureRandom

Yesterday a friend of mine asked about truly random number generation in Java and which are my thoughts about Random and SecureRandom classes. Of course I told him to use...

Fingerprint phpbb forum platform

phpbb is a popular forum platform written in php. In the past it suffered from tons of tons of security issues.