Fingerprint phpbb forum platform

phpbb is a popular forum platform written in php. In the past it suffered from tons of tons of security issues.

In this post we will see how to fingerprint it hacking over gengiscan.

Very passive detection: the response headers

When you request a page on a phpbb powered forum, it tries to attach you a cookie (well… more than one) named phpbb_digit_-or-something or idenfier_[u, k, sid]. We will use this header to first fingerprint our target.

We will first use mechanize gem to get all the cookies from a website.

``` ruby getting the cookies require ‘mechanize’

agent = page = agent.get(url)

phpbb = {} phpbb_cookie = phpbb_cookie_detect(agent.cookies)

``` ruby fingerpring phpbb version from cookies
def phpbb_cookie_detect(cookies)
  first = nil
  second = false
  third = false

  cookies.each do |c|
    return {:version=>"2", :raw=>"#{}", :detected=>true} if =~ /phpbb([\d])mysql_data/
    first =[^ ]+)_u/).flatten.first if first.nil?
    second = ( == "#{first}_k") if ! second
    third = ( == "#{first}_sid") if ! third
  return {:version=>"3", :detected=>true} if ! first.nil? && second && third

Another kind of very passive detection: the body

Looking at the page body there are some of well known elements that we can use to heuristically determine if our target is phpbb powered.

First of all, we can look for the phpbb logo that it’s used to be named as logo_phbBB.gif.

```ruby check if in our page there is phpbb logo image

#=> page is a Mechanize::Page instance

page.images.each do |img| return {:version=>”unknown”, :detected=>true} if ! (img.src =~ logo_phpBB.gif).nil= end

There can be also a copyright notice contained in the response body. We will
check easily with a regular expression.

```ruby check for the copyright norice
return {:version=>"unknown", :detected=>true} if !(page.body =~ /We request you retain the full copyright notice below including the link to

Another good point to detect a phpbb running website is the “Powered by” link usually placed in the website footer. Text change from version to another, so we will very rough here. We will check if a link to has “Powered by” contained in its text… this check can lead to false positive, however since we will use multiple tricks to identify the target, we can take the risk.

```ruby check for Powered by link page.links.each do |link| return {:version=>”unknown”, :detected=>true) if link.href == “” && link.text.downcase.match(“powered by”) end

Putting pieces together, scanning the website body is the less accurate method we can use:

def phpbb_body_detect(page)
  # 1. detect if we have phpbb_logo.gif
  page.images.each do |img|
    return {:version=>"unknown", :detected=>true} if ! (img.src =~ logo_phpBB.gif).nil?

  # 2. check for copyright notice
  return {:version=>"unknown", :detected=>true} if !(page.body =~ /We request you retain the full copyright notice below including the link to

  # 3. check for "Powered by" link
  page.links.each do |link|
    return {:version=>"unknown", :detected=>true) if link.href == "" && link.text.downcase.match("powered by")


Somethins more… checksum docs/CHANGELOG.html

A common file that sysadmins often forget to remove is docs/CHANGELOG.html page telling what’s changed between phpbb versions.

A clever approach could be read that page, if it exists, calculating the checksum using MD5 and then compare it with the checksum of well known version specific CHANGELOG.html files.

We can tell gengiscan to include MD5 hashing function support with this line of code ruby require 'digest/md5' and then we will compute the checksum easily ruby chksum = Digest::MD5.hexdigest(content).

At the time I’m writing this post, phpBB latest version is 3.0.12-RC2. With a little of patience I downloaded all the zip archives, calculated the MD5 checksum of the docs/CHANGELOG.html file storing the results in a Ruby array.

```ruby fingerprinting phpbb by docs/CHANGELOG.html def phpbb_changelog_checksum(content=””) changelog_hashes = [ { :md5=>’3a3a98deb01ca9a41d60d0cd30f61e22’, :version=>’2.0.4’ }, { :md5=>’d469f1cee34e4fb55f265bec0f0c14a8’, :version=>’2.0.5’ }, { :md5=>’5905fc107b1a68762ac0d06c0fecc7b9’, :version=>’2.0.6’ }, { :md5=>’7e9a7f6fb9aa3fc3debbdc09ca1941de’, :version=>’2.0.7’ }, { :md5=>’d0406ed8e5cf4bd82192f3c88bb7fcd2’, :version=>’2.0.8’ }, { :md5=>’734f0ecaeb1dc40ce64c1af60d082dcc’, :version=>’2.0.8a’ }, { :md5=>’603328ab56f740a8eba90d435132da9f’, :version=>’2.0.9’ }, { :md5=>’6dca72f720e5fd098e33e06ff7617bc2’, :version=>’2.0.10’ }, { :md5=>’1e11b01aac9fe84682596d2fa38c9265’, :version=>’2.0.11’ }, { :md5=>’7262663177c2cb9440a3250989de1847’, :version=>’2.0.12’ }, { :md5=>’11771948789983e496646c12eb2709e6’, :version=>’2.0.13’ }, { :md5=>’bd9d2285839fb7e15a556f0ba2f7ae2c’, :version=>’2.0.14’ }, { :md5=>’d636b63d299cbfb2948450e80d5be7d6’, :version=>’2.0.15’ }, { :md5=>’d4d2f1e38096a4b32e22dff57773c62d’, :version=>’2.0.16’ }, { :md5=>’bb29b25a9734d10328f970001f0295b3’, :version=>’2.0.17’ }, { :md5=>’3058647f25b2d3d4804cd8e3e69a938f’, :version=>’2.0.18’ }, { :md5=>’4880b1bc3a16771e934b7f69b4d87f2e’, :version=>’2.0.19’ }, { :md5=>’b90c8f20ebfb920cc9ac332b60960cef’, :version=>’2.0.20’ }, { :md5=>’90520361b651f583853fc7058fe10256’, :version=>’2.0.21’ }, { :md5=>’4f1e462f7da7df826a07d1cf0faae4ae’, :version=>’2.0.22’ }, { :md5=>’3eba9db5133b98df8a54abc55be34307’, :version=>’2.0.23’ }, { :md5=>’e60f14eba6d00d56956c16f8a94ca140’, :version=>’3.0-B5’ }, { :md5=>’e60f14eba6d00d56956c16f8a94ca140’, :version=>’3.0-RC1’ }, { :md5=>’565c3b1933cda61295e54c1f141ef8b7’, :version=>’3.0-RC2’ }, { :md5=>’f3f30e22403564e99e64d09f7f731dea’, :version=>’3.0-RC3’ }, { :md5=>’63b9c4065b2aabda328a1c9b0677f986’, :version=>’3.0-RC4’ }, { :md5=>’3d7aed030411838411a91ae4fcd213e4’, :version=>’3.0-RC5’ }, { :md5=>’074417fdfca31a8d7349c88e8081d8cd’, :version=>’3.0-RC6’ }, { :md5=>’2e139da54418cd096405d58e049bffd9’, :version=>’3.0-RC7’ }, { :md5=>’e7de4c40a4fbf920aa0ef8d935564ed2’, :version=>’3.0-RC8’ }, { :md5=>’dc1866d542cfcfface533b024ac3da77’, :version=>’3.0.0’ }, { :md5=>’cfa612fc182916fd76467cce11c2e708’, :version=>’3.0.1’ }, { :md5=>’fe1e7b8f3fc448ebfb7b2c1c5ec1e2d7’, :version=>’3.0.1-RC1’ }, { :md5=>’59d04c38f084936b68551a0acccd3ea2’, :version=>’3.0.2’ }, { :md5=>’f8b7389f4d5e61d0041430b5986378e2’, :version=>’3.0.2-RC1’ }, { :md5=>’59d04c38f084936b68551a0acccd3ea2’, :version=>’3.0.2-RC2’ }, { :md5=>’f4a6893faa9918962db5858f8b96c600’, :version=>’3.0.3’ }, { :md5=>’f4a6893faa9918962db5858f8b96c600’, :version=>’3.0.3-RC1’ }, { :md5=>’d638931f610f6a7073cf7bb43bf6370f’, :version=>’3.0.4’ }, { :md5=>’d638931f610f6a7073cf7bb43bf6370f’, :version=>’3.0.4-RC1’ }, { :md5=>’931e4dd982451b9baf4dbfa3a6d6da4e’, :version=>’3.0.5’ }, { :md5=>’0fdcbb67c9773f490d3f0691a6dd4db9’, :version=>’3.0.5-RC1’ }, { :md5=>’aedf28d7599038cf0b07e9404c69ffca’, :version=>’3.0.6’ }, { :md5=>’5c40c50b6ca823ced16edac6aa8b2a1e’, :version=>’3.0.6-RC1’ }, { :md5=>’38e7d25631ab2238a149c4880b69e42f’, :version=>’3.0.6-RC2’ }, { :md5=>’4ac3967261c38fe4e934fe89f55f4a7a’, :version=>’3.0.6-RC3’ }, { :md5=>’e1854e1d6c7058eb10aee1d0a2acd01b’, :version=>’3.0.6-RC4’ }, { :md5=>’fc9c79e09cd265c44b025f08bd6bce30’, :version=>’3.0.7’ }, { :md5=>’9354df71b5f83de36b0e51b833b2917b’, :version=>’3.0.7-RC1’ }, { :md5=>’a2a05cfceecb678f843060ca9980dd5a’, :version=>’3.0.7-RC2’ }, { :md5=>’ff4e8980be0af81ed2702dc9ef4c5e6c’, :version=>’3.0.7-PL1’ }, { :md5=>’30f539c93140b2933765800b81e05707’, :version=>’3.0.8’ }, { :md5=>’a544ff00e1242e21210ccc1466c02bac’, :version=>’3.0.8-RC1’ }, { :md5=>’3f5c6ba11ff90cff9ced65833bdcfe8a’, :version=>’3.0.9’ }, { :md5=>’eca607ffc079c0236bdc281d92c3db86’, :version=>’3.0.9-RC1’ }, { :md5=>’94f5af08e7962466d50fcda1c1dc25a0’, :version=>’3.0.9-RC2’ }, { :md5=>’ed7033cfc20fdf2b58bdebfb078cf8ae’, :version=>’3.0.9-RC3’ }, { :md5=>’3f5c6ba11ff90cff9ced65833bdcfe8a’, :version=>’3.0.9-RC4’ }, { :md5=>’4a57a4ad14dc5726fa76aea354c4a7b9’, :version=>’3.0.10’ }, { :md5=>’ea02497f03a5a713c89a3a08da7e9818’, :version=>’3.0.10-RC1’ }, { :md5=>’a69edd44fff3366c037d543a22d07ac3’, :version=>’3.0.10-RC2’ }, { :md5=>’4a57a4ad14dc5726fa76aea354c4a7b9’, :version=>’3.0.10-RC3’ }, { :md5=>’38c91a4e7015bd99ea0189be77d131a8’, :version=>’3.0.11’ } , { :md5=>’69f1aad5d8eb2402f3290828232baced’, :version=>’3.0.11-RC1’ }, { :md5=>’38c91a4e7015bd99ea0189be77d131a8’, :version=>’3.0.11-RC2’ }, { :md5=>’fbe3fde19e59d20a1c400164e56fe972’, :version=>’3.0.12-RC1’ }, { :md5=>’14fefb5e6fc8948aa3ef0aa50ee75571’, :version=>’3.0.12-RC2’ }, { :md5=>’a52d4327967adf6b86cd5d18ebd49996’, :version=>’3.0.12-RC3’ } ]

chksum = Digest::MD5.hexdigest(content) changelog_hashes.each do |hash| return {:version=>hash[:version], :detected=>true} if hash[:md5] == chksum end



## And the last one... the theme configuration file

A trickier way to detect phpbb version involves themes. Themes have a style.cfg
file that is normally available using an HTTP get saying the exact forum
software version.


phpBB Style Configuration File


@package phpBB3

@copyright (c) 2005 phpBB Group

@license GNU Public License

# #

At the left is the name, please do not change this

At the right the value is entered

For on/off options the valid values are on, off, 1, 0, true and false


Values get trimmed, if you want to add a space in front or at the end of

the value, then enclose the value with single or double quotes.

Single and double quotes do not need to be escaped.

# #

General Information about this style

name = theme copyright = © phpBB Group, 2007, modified by version = 3.0.11

How can we extract the theme name (since it can be customized by developers)?
_Using regular expressions, of course._

page.links.each do |link|
  theme_name = link.match(/styles\/(\w*)\//)
  unless theme_name.nil?
    link = url + "/styles/#{theme_name}/style.cfg"

After we grab the style configuration file, regular expressions help us one more time. We want to avoid to parse the file line by line, instead we ask regex engine to find the line starting with the version keyword.

# => #<MatchData "version = 3.0.11" 1:" " 2:" " 3:"3.0.11">

We want to avoid our control to be bypassed by one or more whitespace so we built the regex with a couple of (\s+) strings saying here you can find 0 or more whitespaces or newlines or line feed.

Putting all together, this is our method to detect phpbb version from theme configuration file:

def phpbb_theme_cfg_detect(page, url, agent)

  page.links.each do |link|
    theme_name = link.match(/styles\/(\w*)\//)
    unless theme_name.nil?

      link = url + "/styles/#{theme_name}/style.cfg"

      $logger.log("trying to fetch #{link}")
      cfg = agent.get(link)
      if cfg.code == "200"
        $logger.ok("style.cfg found!") 
        version = cfg.body.match(/version(\s+)=(\s+)(\w.*)/)
        return {:version=>version, :detected=>true}
  {:version=>"", :detected=>false}

Off by one

The more accurate is your fingerprint phase, the more targeted can be your further attacks and you will raise chances to break a system (of course, you’re authorized to test… never forget this point).

In this post we saw several hacks to fingerprint phpbb, but of course several more can be used and your imagination is your only limit.

Do you know some more technique to fingerprint phpbb powered website? Do you want to improve the techniques described in this post? Please join the discussion, leave some feedback and let the discussion to grow up.

Enjoy it!

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