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Build an API for fun with Grape

I always dreamt about an API powered website for armoredcode community. I do think that every website should publish some sort of API to use services.

Penetration testing with ruby: fingerprinting your target

My wife for my birthday last June she bought to me a Kindle touch.

Fingerprinting CMSes under the moonlight

Yesterday I was surfing the web for inspiration for redesign layout and I was digging in some webdesign template websites.

Which is the most secure programming language ever?

Sometimes I was asked about which is the most secure programming language to use in real web applications.

Testing your cookie's attributes for insecurities using ruby

Session cookies are a swiss army knife for every developer to maintain user session requests tracking. They need however to be designed with security in mind since they can be...

Some security tips for ruby hackers: leveraging the attack surface: part 2

In the first part of this overview about web application perimeter recognizance we stopped using ciphersurfer to check for SSL certificate weakness.