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CVE-2012-5664: Sql Injection on Rails... again

2013 is well promising for application security. Two days ago Aaron Patterson, a rails core member announced a SQL Injection vulnerability for ActiveRecord ORM included in Rails framework.

codesake engine and two weeks of BDD development

Two weeks ago, I posted an article about a real world source code security review. Using regular expressions I was able to spot interesting things over JSP files I was...

Bypassing HTTP Basic Authentication in PHP application nominated as hacking technique for 2012

Authentication is a cool topic in application security research nowadays. Last April I posted about a real world security assessment activities over a friend of mine PHP powered portal.

Driven by real world task: code reviewing JSP using regular expressions

Nothing but solving a real world problem can help boosting a piece of software to evolve.

Use the Nexpose API to automate report generation and download

In a previous post I talked about Rapid7 Nexpose) vulnerability assessment tool and how you can write some ruby code to search a server by IP address.

Crafting an authentication subsystem that rocks for your Padrino application with Omniauth

Next time you point your browser to a /login url wait a minute before submitting your credentials. There is a complex system you’re going to use when you submit that...