Being nervous and anxious before a talk

It happens all the time I have to deliver a talk. Some days before my anxiety-meter level goes out of scale.

It will last until slide number 4 when I will recall that all the attack stuff I will show during the speech are not intended to be used by offense.

Point of singularity

Last time I had a public talk was last june for Italian Ruby Day and I finished slides during the talk right before mine.

In the past I delivered talks for Owasp events in Milan, Ghent, New York city and Cracow too and I finished slides the same day of the talk or the evening right before.

For I delivered talks in Milan and Padua for SMAU and a very good technical conference called WebbIT (now disappeared) and the same… slides were never ready in time.

I’m scared… for upcoming railsberry 2013 talk slides are ready and video with attack demos too. (I lied… I had to find a pretty decent Dr. Evil image in HD for slide number 5 when I will recall to all outstanding developers in the room that they have to turn themselves in attackers for awhile)

Some stats

40 slides… for a 30 minutes long talk. Not all of them has content, some are titles or section separators so I can play well being in 2 minutes per slide in average.

I’ve got 8 slides with ruby code and three videos showing how do I use this ruby code I wrote in real world attacks under a broken web application I wrote for this conference. The broken web application is already available on my github.

What I will be talk about

The broken web application is build with three security flaws in mind:

  • the authentication mechanism gives too much information to the user failing the login. It says that it doesn’t know the user if it’s not found in the database and it gives a different error message if a valid user mispelled the password. I will show how to exploit it enumerating good user of that application. Please note: you do need know a valid username to try guessing (because you have to simulate a good user that mispells the password. Owasp testing guide test for bruteforce attack is OWASP-AT-004
  • the /hello API take a name parameter saying hello to the user not filtering the input… so it’s vulnerable to a reflected cross site scripting. The /login API too is vulnerable to reflected cross site scripting since it uses the login name the user just submitted as output without filtering. I’ll show how to exploit those two vulnerabilities. We will implement test OWASP-DV-001 as the latest Owasp Testing Guide.
  • the robots.txt has some disallowed entries but one of them is missing some checks about preventing unauthenticated people to access it. I’ll show how to check for open URLs found in a robots.txt file with a single command. Owasp testing guide test is OWASP-IG-001 here.

Videos will be available on armoredcode youtube channel right after the event and slides will be available also too on slideshare and speakerdeck. Source code is almost already available on codesake github archive. I had to rebeand my previous released cross gem.

Enjoy it!

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