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Railsberry Chronicles: Day 0 - the Trip

Railsberry chronicles: day 0 - the trip

I’m too tired, even for rest.

It’s a sunny sunday afternoon here in Cracow and I’m on my hotel room writing this post. This night was almost sleepless so I had the need to recover a bit.

In Poland for the second time

It’s fun. When I arrived at the hotel I didn’t remember anything about my last stay for the Owasp European Conference in 2009. I crossed the street (Dietla), leaving the Jewish district on my back and I thought to myself “hey, wait I minute but I remember this place” and than I started remembering all the place where me, _ikki, Matteo, Giorgio and Stefano was and how much we enjoyed… lovely memories.

Train tripper

While crossing from the city center to the Jewish district I visited from the outside conference venue… there were some applicake guys I supposed preparing the stage.

Tomorrow it will be conference day number 1. Great talks and hopefully great networking altogether.

Close to the venue there was a museum about the history of engineering in Poland, there were cars and buses evolution and some very fun playground with games for kids.

It would be great having also my wife and my kids here. Maybe next time.

Let's talk about this

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