The first and last post about

Today I launched a first minimal website for The website is very minimal and just a subcribe to beta program web form it is present on the homepage.

In this interconnected era it is so easy to try to use what you know to create a business. Sometimes you succeded, sometimes you fail.

It’s life.

Most of the startups are devoted to consumer market, trying to mimic facebook exploding raise since its very beginnings. it will be a different startup, with services target to developers and to enterprises.

The idea is that application security stuff, code reviews, safe coding hints, must be present in a development team workout. As when you go to the gym, it’s very risky to improvise yourself a security professional. will be your appsec personal trainer.

In the following days I’ll create a blog and small tryout form you can use to test a snippet of code seeing overall improvements and that it will available next days to beta testers. will remain my general purpose application security blog, so technical details for codesake will be wrote in the codesake blog I’ll publish soon.

Due to openness love, one of the ruby gem I’ll use as core engine will be released as MIT Licensed code. Please note that knowledge base and further other gems will be closed source.

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