Penetration testing with ruby: fingerprinting your target

My wife for my birthday last June she bought to me a Kindle touch.

I really love it. The way ebooks will change publishing industry in the near future, it’s somewhat exciting.

Indie authors like me and you can simple make their own creating and publishing on the Net or better on some customized platforms like iTunes store and Amazon Store.

Self publishing is so fascinating that I started my own: Penetration testing with ruby: fingerprint your target

This ebook will introduce the reader into some fingerprint techniques a security tester can use to gather as much informations as possibile form a web application from a bunch of HTTP requests.

A developer can use it to understand the requests he can make to see how its application looks like at attackers once online.

I think I’ll work on this this August and Septembter, maybe I’ll publish something on October.

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