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How to Wrap a Long Text to Fit Your Terminal Width in Ruby


Today I was working over a new tabular output for Codesake::Dawn and I faced a problem. Vulnerabilities have a very long description that breaks all formatting resulting in something unreadable.

The “Ruby Programming Language” doesn’t help me that much. I wondered String class already has something similiar but I was wrong. Also both PrettyPrint and its releated pp libraries didn’t help me in breaking up a long text justifying at a certain width.

Since it doesn’t seem to be a difficult implementation, I spent a couple of minutes reiventing (must check if I do reinvent it) the wheel.

Every Bug Has a Sad, Sad Song


It was a busy month. Web sites out there are still attacked by villains and the first Codesake::Dawn major release was out this week. That’s because I didn’t post anything since last December.

Today, I want to share a consideration coming out from a discussion I had a couple of days ago:

Bugs are by definition security issues.

Do you agree with that? I don’t, and let’s see why.

Updates From the Ruby Security World: 6 New Vulnerabilities as X’mas Gift

Wow, last week it was very busy in the ruby security annonuncement discussion group. A bunch of six new vulnerabilities were announced and, most of them, are cross site scripting issues. This is bad for a problem floating around those places since more than a decade.

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