New monothematic posts serie: Hackers @ Work


Writing a blog to fill the gaps between application developers and security professionals may sound too much primetime diva boosting her knowledge.

It may sound a bit pretentious to me talking about filling a gap in two differents IT fields. I have a lot of things yet to learn. That’s why I asked other professionals from both the worlds to join the ride and helping me in saying building a bridge between those two worlds is somewhat very easy.


Hackers at work will be a journey through some IT superstars everyday work to see how do they approach web development and IT security.

We will see the technologies they use, the tools they write, what does influence them most and much more. The format will be a written interview, no podcast nor screencast at the moment.

But I don’t exlude we will make something like peepcode play by play series applied to application security.


Who What When Read it
Simon Bennets (aka psiion) Appsec professional and Owasp ZAP project leader 4th May 2012 HERE
Matteo Parmi Ruby, rails and git ninja 18th May 2012 -
Dinis Cruz Appsec professional, international speaker, Owasp O2 project leader and drummer 1st June 2012 -
Matteo Collina Ruby hacker 15th June 2012 -
Jim Manico Appsec professional, Owasp Podcast project leader 29th June 2012 -
Andrea Reginato Startupper, entrepreneur and ruby hackers 13rd July 2012 -
Salvatore Sanfilippo (aka antirez) Infosec master, startupper, entrepreneur, redis project leader 27th July 2012 -

Enjoy it!

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