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I love English, I’ll try not to kill it

This the first time I want to focus all my technical toughts in dedicated blog. I choose English as language since I want to reach the broaden audience as possible, however I’m not mothertongue, so you may find typos or grammatical mistakes in my posts.

I want to apologize in advice for them. I will proofread the article in order to make your reading experience as smooth as possible. I swear I won’t try to kill your language using this blog.

These are just my opinions

In this blog I will post my own toughts about application security, that means I’m not talking in behalfs of my employer point of view.

Any funny story on successfully exploited code will be slightly modified not to disclose sensitive information.

I wear a lot of hats, but wool ones are more confortables

I strongly believe in full disclosure made in a responsible way. That means that you won’t find here 0 days vulnerabilities I can use to exploit other people web applications because this is a blog to help people in create secure code… not a blog to help in boosting attackers ego.

And please be polite

Information you can find here must not be used to create damage in other people’s code.

That’s all folks, you can go back to the blog