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Untold: Nobody Will Make a Cinema Story Over This Blog and I’m Fine

Julie Powell is an American writer who creates a blog back in 2002. She wrote about an American woman lived in Paris in 1949-or-something that innovates American cooking scenario writing a book (in English) talking about novelle cousine.

Starting from the blog, she wrote a book and eventually, this story becomes a film my and my wife watched it in TV yesterday.

Fact: nobody will use this blog to create a film script. But application security can be also very funny.

(yes, I’ll talk a little bit about security if you read more)

Creating Awereness on an Hostile Environment


With a colleague we were wondering about how much difficult is to create an application security awareness climate in big corporate development team. Please bear in mind that since I’m working in Italy my experience is very narrowed to my country. If you have different stories to tell, please drop them in this post comments area and share them.

Trying to make people aware about security risks they occur writing unsafe code, will make yourself a friend or foe?